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Are You Stressed  Out?

Discover How To Overcome Stress, Improve Your Health and Be More Successful In And Out Of the Office

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Less Stress, Better Health and More Calm and Peace of Mind

Is Stress Holding You Back from the Success You Deserve?

Do you feel too stressed and exhausted to do all the things you want  to do?

Is everything just getting too much?

Do you feel like you're just not able to cope any more?

Here's the secret...today's crazy busy world piles more and more stressors on us with multiple demands on our time. BUT... with a little care and attention, you can zap stress and enjoy more peace, serenity and productivity!
Let me explain. Women today have so many responsibilities and commitments. Work, family, colleagues, maybe running a business, daily errands and chores, committees, clubs, school duties, the list goes on and on. And I haven't even mentioned time for themselves, exercising, having fun or relaxing. Add into that worries and concerns about health, ill family members, job security, the economy and world conflicts, and...
...it's no wonder that you're feeling stressed!
And, you know, stress doesn't just affect you mentally and emotionally. 

It also has a negative impact on every single area of your life.
So the big question on my clients' minds is...how can I stop feeling so stressed and overwhelmed?
Many clients come to me feeling exhausted, depressed, out of control of their life, scared, tense and pressurised. 

And they're worried about the effects stress is having on their physical health too.
They are right to be worried.

Unmanaged, prolonged chronic stress takes a real toll on mind, body, and spirit.
High levels of stress hormones put you at risk for serious physical and mental health problems including heart disease, stroke, mental health conditions, weight gain and inflammation-related chronic disease and illness.
But now you can learn what most people don't know!
Now you can learn the easy-to-implemente stress-zappers that many mental health professionals use to help their clients dramatically produce a 180 degree turnaround from poor health to great health!

The fact is that stress does not have to rob you of your health.

"People are disturbed not by a thing, but by their perception of a thing."

I've been spent the last 11 years researching and training in the arts and sciences of physical, mental and emotional health and wellness, working with clients to find what does and doesn't work and developing my own successful formulas for vitality, health and happiness.
And I've discovered the specific stress-zapping actions that will improve your health, wellbeing and vitality 
in mind, body, emotions and spirit.

It took me several years to get it right, but I have finally 
perfected a step-by-step solution and want to share my years of expertise with you.

You will learn:
  • ​Major health risks
  • ​How to manage physical and mental stress in healthy, effective ways
  • ​The surprising #1 solution for stress control
  • ​165 amazing tips, techniques and strategies 
  • ​The best ways to deal with work-related stress
  • ​The worst ways to deal with stress
  • ​The stress hormone that does so much damage and how to decrease it
  • ​Causes, symptoms and effects of stress on body, mind, spirit and quality of life
  • ​And much, much more

Here's What You're Going to Get in Energy Fast-Track:

Module 1: Introduction


  • An introduction to stress
  • Why it's so important to beat stress
  • Audit to assess your current stress

Module 2: 
Overview of Stress


  • What stress actually is
  • The differences between acute and chronic stress
  • An in-depth look at chronic stress

Module 3: 
Stress Solutions


  • 165 effective techniques for beating stress
  • ​How to beat burnout
  • ​The anti-stress diet
  • ​Developing resilience to stress

Module 4: 


  • Causes
  • ​Effects 
  • Symptoms

Bonus 1: 

Email Course

  • A 7-day email course to help you beat burnout
  • Simple, easy-to-follow steps to take you from exhaustion, fatigue and burnout to  mental, physical and emotional energy and vitality

Bonus 2: 
Video Bundle


  • Deal with work stress
  • ​Healthy coping strategies
  • ​Yoga for stress management

Bonus 3: 


  • Keep track of your stress throughout the day
  • Allows you to identify your stressors
  • Makes it easy to identify your most stressful times

Bonus 4: 
One to One Private Coaching Call


  • A private 1:1 coaching call to help you create your own personal stress management plan
  • Gain clarity on your best next steps and how to maintain zest for the rest of your life

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What my clients have said:
"Abi is an expert in all areas of wellness and has helped me really take charge of my physical and emotional health. In my most stressful situations she has listened without judgement, helping me to stay calm and in control." [WB, Teaching Assistant]

“Abi helped me realise the importance of taking time for myself and making my health a priority, and worked with me to create some practical strategies. As a result, I feel more grounded and have more energy to do the things I want to do." [LG, Journalist]

"Abi's energy and enthusiasm are only matched by her level of coaching professionalism and care. She helped me to re-energise 
and reassess my priorities and I am now less stressed than ever before." [NT, Surveyor]
  • Gain the energy to create a life you love
  • Reduce fatigue and exhaustion
  • Gain vitality and zest
  • Raise your self-esteem
  • ​Feel happier and more motivated
  • ​Improve your relationships
  • ​Enjoy better health and a more vibrant life

Today, you can learn how to transform your energy and wellbeing at a
never-seen-before low price!

 Or you can continue feeling stressed, exhausted, fatigued and worn out. 

But there is a very high cost of inaction:

  • ​Risk of heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, depression and burnout
  • ​Less tolerance for pain
  • Poor quality of life
  • ​Damage to your relationships
  • ​Failure to progress in your business or career
  • ​The risk of not fulfilling the vibrant, joyful, successful life you are are capable of and deserve

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[Stephanie D, Education Consultant]
“Abi's calm and reassuring manner puts you at ease whilst her enthusiastic nature 
spurs you on to achieve those chosen goals." 

[Lee J, Director]
"Abi is brilliant at building a realistic program which encourages and supports but is in no way daunting. 
I hope to work with her for 
many years to come." 

[Jane N, Writer]